Microsoft Teams as a safeguard against COVID-19

written by Jesse Muraya

As the corona virus continues to make news all over the world, business owners are looking for answers to keep their employees safe. As such businesses are adopting flexible working patterns like working from home. This blog highlights how to get started with working from home.

Enter Microsoft Teams…

As the number of infections for the Corona Virus (COVID-19) rise, people, governments, schools and companies are looking for measures to either contain or rein in on the spread of the virus. For example, Catholic University of Eastern Africa recently announced that it has started preparations to teach students from home through various online learning models. Other corporates are putting in procedures to reduce the work hours from the office by implementing technologies that will enable their employees to work from home.

We have seen in the news that Microsoft is giving away free use of their popular cloud based collaboration tool called Microsoft Teams up to the year 2021. Microsoft Teams is a unified communication and collaboration software that combines chat, video meetings, storage and application integration. It is part of the large Office 365 suite of applications meant for productivity.

What does this mean for your business?

As a business, you have to be prepared for the eventuality that your staff may not be able to make it to the office. This does not have to affect productivity and the bottom line of your organization. To learn more about Microsoft teams and how it can help your remote workforce, please free to get in touch with us.

Get started with Microsoft Teams today


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