Unified Communication

We have over 20 years of unmatched experience. We guarantee top-range solutions

Telecommunications has been our pioneer business with over 30 years of unmatched experience and we guarantee top-range solutions

When it comes to communications infrastructure for small to big offices, call centers, service providers, businesses and enterprises or group PBX , we provide reliable and top-range Unified Communications, Hybrid IP PBX and SME VoIP solutions.

Unified Communication


We have the experience and skills to evaluate your business and to create, deploy, and manage a unified communications plan you can rely on.

Whether your business is in the mortgage industry, customer care service, debt collection, customer satisfaction services, marketing intelligence services, order-taking services e.tc. We have extensive experience and expertise to provide reliable call center solutions for your business. Our solutions provide platforms for inbound calling/ outbound dialing and blended contact center which help to build good and profitable relationships with your customers.

  • Increase productivity from
  • progressive calls, voice mail,
  • notifications, instant messaging and personal assistant speech.
  • Reduce expenditure.
  • Share videos across all devices fast and easily.
  • Save you time from easy retrieval of information
  • Efficient and simple connection to customers and partners.

More solutions on Voice/communication infrastructure:

  • Self-service solutions
  • Multimedia management
  • Video based contact centers
  • CRM integrations
  • Social media integration

With the goal of ensuring that we provide our customers with unmatched Voice/communications services, we have partnered with various vendors to provide you with the best experience and to enhance efficiency. They include:

Call Center Solutions

We provide a full suite inbound/Outbound telephony services to enable you connect to your customers effectively and build a good relationship in the long run.

Our easy-to-deploy and scalable solutions will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Providing you with advanced call routing ensures calls go to the right agents, reducing service per time call.
  • Improved data access as agents has a full scope of a customer’s data enabled by the centralized organization of information from personal contact information, service and purchase history making it easier for agents to interact with customers.
  • Reduced cost from our solution products that automate and capture all call activity, lead management, keeping track of the best times to call customers and provide valuable real-time metrics and KPIs that may improve sales and marketing strategies without requiring additional expensive telecom hardware or integration.
  • Channel restriction to control the number of channels to be utilized.
  • Voice Logger with advanced recording capabilities.
  • SMS and Email integration.
  • Reduced interaction time between agents and customers from pop-ups detailing customers’ information on the agent screen.

Computer Telephony integration

This technology allows computer systems to interact with telephones and other forms of communication i.e. email, text messaging, web messaging, live chat, fax. Our solutions on computer telephony integration will allow your agents to make and receive phone calls directly from their computer, be able to tell who exactly is calling before answering the phone, automatic authentication of the caller.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

This is a system is a telephony system that answers incoming calls and routes them to the most appropriate agent or department based on pre-defined information. This helps to ensure that your clients are getting together with someone who has the skill to assist them to, thereby optimizing resources, streamline business processes, faster response to calls and increased efficiency.

We have extensive experience and expertise to provide reliable call center solutions for your business.

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