IT Infrastructure and Network Solutions .

Today’s digital world demands a high-performing digital infrastructure. See how we can help you meet these challenges

As software applications and working methods become more innovative, demands on your underlying IT infrastructure increase. Various teams want to utilise data heavy applications encompassing video, voice, machine learning and Ai and remote access to the network without having their user experience impacted. Thankfully, we provide a large range of IT infrastructure services that you can choose from to enhance your system speed and remote access. The tricky part is choosing the right configuration for your business.

 At Pong, we analyse your working environment and business objectives, before designing a free-flowing, simplified network that delivers the right balance of speed, accessibility, reliability and security. We can offer cloud-based infrastructure, on-premises hardware, or a hybrid configuration to provide the best solution for you and your budget.

Our comprehensive IT Infrastructure and Network Solutions include:

Structured Cabling solutions

Pong meets complex business requirements by providing industry-compliant designs, implementation and support for network infrastructure, telephony, and communications cabling. We specialize in structured cable installation, design, support and engineering, and our trained personnel help you make your infrastructure meet all the needs of your business; be it copper or fibre.

pongstructured cabling
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Helping you future-proof your data centre.

Data Centre solutions

Designing, deploying, and managing a data centre is a full-time job that takes up vital company resources.

In an age of increasing cyber threats and legal requirements such as the GDPR, Data protection act 2019 (Kenya) it’s critical that the data you collect is safely stored, easy to access when needed, and backed up in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing data centre or build a brand new one from scratch, Pong’s Network Services provides end-to-end solutions that can help you effectively consolidate and manage your data, minimise risks, and seamlessly transform into a modern cloud-optimised data centre solution.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

We’ll work with you to determine the best way of connecting your multiple sites from a technology standpoint. The final configuration will depend on the scope of your WAN, your geographical location and spread, plus the level of security, bandwidth and connection speed that you need. We’ll take all this into account before proposing a WAN design that works with your strategy, office locations, and end-user expectations.

Local Area Network (LAN)

Your local area network (LAN) forms the foundation of your wider on-premises and cloud-based systems, and ideally will be a seamless continuation of all the speed, security and capacity measures you’ve taken elsewhere. When we design your LAN, whether VLAN, WAN, or WLAN, we consider your wider network environment, your users’ application demands and your own business requirements and budget.


Whether you are accessing a public cloud, private cloud, or need direct communications between multiple sites, we’ll design and install the connectivity technology that meets your requirements the closest. We have expertise in MPLS, SIP and wireless connectivity, plus data cabling services. We have also partnered with leading ISP providers in the region to provide you with an affordable internet connection to power your organisation’s digital transformation, liaising to oversee the entire installation on your behalf.


If you need more bandwidth, storage capacity, or want to introduce flexible working, then virtualisation is the ideal solution. Using an optimal combination of servers, virtual switching and data centre-based infrastructure, we can create an integrated system for your business that’s efficient, and will easily scale as your needs change. You can choose a hybrid model: keeping part of your IT on premises, and selectively choosing aspects for virtualisation to suit.

As well as our large range of infrastructure management services, we are also able to offer a range of services that allow you to benefit from our dedicated support and maintenance team across the region.