Cyber Security.

Your organisation needs to develop the capacity to withstand or quickly recover from cyber events that disrupt usual business operations | This is the essence of cyber resilience
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Pong Cyber Security
Pong Cyber Security

Businesses of all sizes are constantly under attack. Threat actors (the bad guys) are out to take value away from your business so they can profit from the hard work done by your organization. These non-stop attacks and the constantly changing Tactics, Techniques and Procedures increase the risk of financial loss for your company. With the ever-increasing sophistication of attacks, it’s not a matter of IF your business will be attacked, it’s a matter of WHEN. More importantly, what you did to prepare before that inevitable day. We understand what this risk represents to our customers and our experience allows us to deliver cost-effective solutions that assist in reducing that risk.

Pong Cyber Security

Pong provides a comprehensive security solution that not only assists in achieving compliance but provides risk reduction through well-planned security program offerings. You will find our offerings are in alignment with current industry best practices, common compliance frameworks, regulations, and modern business practices

Business Value

Risk management
Business Continuity
Data protection
Security and Compliance
Finance Protection
Reputation Protection

Our comprehensive CyberSecurity service offerings include:

Pong Firewall

Next-Generation Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Protection

We understand the ever-increasing sophistication of attacks and the risks represented to our clients. We continuously monitor and protect your business with best-in-class, enterprise grade tools.

Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure security, which includes critical infrastructure security, is critical both for preventing damage to technology assets and data due to attack or disaster.

Pong Firewall

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Our cybersecurity professionals utilize best-in-class security tools and continuous monitoring to prevent cyber threats and protect your business endpoints.

pong vulnarability

Vulnerability Assessment

We utilize best-in-class security tools and processes to continuously scan and identify the most relevant threats to your environmen

Email Security

Securing sensitive information in email communication and accounts against unauthorized access, modification, loss, or compromise.

Security Awareness

Many people and companies struggle to understand the very basics of cybersecurity and network security and so Pong tries to fill the gap by creating awareness by having monthly Cybersecurity webinars that promote awareness

Pong MSP

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