Business Applications.

Harness the full potential of your ERP,
CRM, Workflow management, and E-commerce systems to ensure the business
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In today’s super-competitive business landscape, continuous optimization of enterprise-wide Business Applications is critical to outpace the competition. However, for most companies with complex application landscapes, monitoring and augmenting these systems becomes difficult over time. Companies find it challenging to constantly evaluate and implement new systems, upgrade old systems, and ensure their enterprise ecosystem is maintained securely and cost-effectively.

With our superior functional and technical skills, we can help you identify, assess, and bridge the gaps in your Business Applications stack. Whether you want to select new systems that play well in the sandbox together, discontinue a legacy system, move to cloud business applications, or make the nerve-wracking buy vs. build decision, we have experts that can help you at each step of the decision-making process.

We also have an expert team to provide you with the support needed to ensure your systems are always running smoothly. We use industry-standard service delivery metrics to increase transparency and accountability and increase your capacity to prioritize and resolve issues.

Dynamics 365

Business solutions are often complicated and very hard to implement, they require regular maintenance to keep up the operations and can only be used by computer specialists. Nowadays, easy-to-use and powerful information technologies have not only taken over our everyday life but have also long since reached the business world.

Microsoft Dynamics 365, at the moment, is a one-stop cloud-based solution that provides all the apps and tools you need for CRM and ERP. By providing a high-performance, cloud-based home for sales figures, supply chain particulars, and much more, Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives your business is a sophisticated yet intuitive way to capture, combine, understand, and share information within and between organizations

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Other Business Applications services include:


DocuSign has long been a leader in the digital capture and management of agreements. Electronic signatures are valid and legally binding around the world. DocuSign provides industry-leading levels of eSignature enforceability and in
many cases warrant compliance with a variety of laws and statutes.
The DocuSign Global Network provides the freedom to finish business faster with the world’s most trusted electronic signature solution — anytime, anywhere, on any device — for businesses of every shape and size

Turnkey Software Solution Development and integration (Custom)

Pong Agencies has a highly experienced back-end and front-end
application development team to help you meet your organisational goals and objectives. Our solutions are specifically tailored to meet customers’ needs and combine and integrate varying elements and aspects of Computer Infrastructure Solutions and Application Software Solutions

Pong MSP

Why choose Pong for

Business Application?

Your technology partner, not just another vendor

The term Managed Service Provider doesn’t cut it for Pong. We prefer Managed Service Partner — that’s what we think of when we call ourselves an MSP. Creating that partnership-level bond with clients requires trust, the first thing we build before any Pong IT solution is in place.

A single point of contact for Technology issues

As your IT partner, we work closely with vendors on your behalf. No need for you to maintain a list of who to call for what issue. We maintain these relationships, act as a front end to any action requests, and track their progress until the desired outcome is achieved.

World Class Customer Service

Our people, who are specifically recruited for their excellent service and communication capabilities, are in fact our greatest differentiators. Sure, we know the technical stuff. Of course, we are professional. But our primary focus is the client experience at every touchpoint. It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it.

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