Secrets Of Online Shopping

written by Andrew Kamau

Online shopping has gained popularity during this stay home stay safe period but how successful have you as the buyer been? Have you found yourself with a toothbrush instead of a shoe brush or bought the fancy handheld sewing machine with appetizing online videos only to find out it is just but a toy?

Here are tips to help you decide on the authenticity of the shop and product while are shopping online.

Listen around

There is no better tester than the previous buyer. Learn from people who purchased the same product you are looking for. Interrogate the satisfaction they got after buying that product from that certain shop compare with others and at the end of you research you will get the best bargain. Get someone with experience to guide especially when looking to buy electrical, electronic and IT appliances. Technicians with experience in the certain field will assist identifying referbs from new products. In most case referbs come without warranty.

Social media searches and search engines will give you a good insight on buyers experience on shops and products available online. Social media does not beat around the bush, they say it as it is.

Read reviews

Whenever you visit an online shop go through the reviews from customers. Expand the reviews since most shop filters review that the positive reviews appear on top. Positive reviews do have enough feedback, but negative ones give in-depth analysis of the shortcomings. A product with experience in the market has more reviews than that newly introduced one. New untested products come with very good incentives but unless you are that guy, I will not advise you to choose them over experienced ones.

Compare international pricing

Local marketing is sometimes exploitative; the price does not match the worth of the product. When you find a product is overly priced check on other platforms, compare the specifications or maybe it has some additives.

When you find a product with very low prices as compared to other markets: Check the specifications, version, year of manufacture, country of origin, voltage rating or is it a referb.

Visit manufacturer’s page

Once you identify the product you want to buy it is prudent though time consuming to check the manufacturer’s page or website to ascertain the description provided matches the product on the manufacturer’s list. Many are the times I found discrepancies on product name, model, version, and the specifications provided. Some online shops copy the specifications of a higher version and pastes it for a lower version. Though this is against consumer protection it has not stopped shops from posting deceptive marketing. Some manufacturers provide portals where you can verify warranties. There is no harm delaying the delivery guy to check the warranty status of the product purchased.

 at most locations to ensure that those who are quarantined don’t step out.

Check on the warranty banner

Does the product you are purchasing has a warranty? Legally all electronic devices sold in the country should have at least one-year warranty and should have an authorized service center. Any appliance without a warranty is either smuggled into the country, stolen, secondhand or refurbished.

Read the warranty requirements, thus you will be informed whether you can handle the product within the laid down rules or should you look for a product with better warranty terms in relation to your field of application.

Read Terms and Conditions

After adding the product to the cart most likely than not you get a lengthy advice that explains what will happen once you hit the buy button. Hidden charges will pop up one after the other, limitations on area of purchase and delivery will appear. Return details will be shared. Do not purchase any electronic device without a return policy.

Pay on delivery

Advantages of prepayment are price incentives, easy budgeting and maybe favorable for fast moving goods. When it comes to Electronic devices, pay on delivery is the best option. Nowadays pay on delivery is not available for expensive appliances for obvious reasons that most retails do not stock these items they get them direct from distributors. In this case check on the return policy and the refund policy.

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