Public Sector

We provide services in the following public sector departments: banking, healthcare, financial institutions, enterprises and security agencies.
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Presently, the society is revolutionizing due to globalization and digitization and as a result increasing the roles of IT in the public sector.

At Pong Agencies we have specialized in providing governments with a wide range of consultancy and ICT solutions.

The solutions we equip the public sector with include the following:

  • E-government solutions
  • Setting up network infrastructure for government offices
  • Scalable and secure solutions for digitizing the public sector
  • Cyber Security Solutions
  • Digitization solutions
  • Teleconference & Video solutions
  • Connected Justice solutions
  • Collaboration Solutions
  • Enterprise Network Solutions
  • Public Safety & Security Solutions.

We help national, county and local public institutions better serve their constituents by leveraging electrical and IT to improve existing services and deliver new ones. Governments have a duty to deliver new services and improve existing ones while operating efficiently and with greater transparency. Our unique ability to integrate a client’s strategic vision and realign it with operational and technological initiatives to achieve their goals.

We are focused in helping the public sector develop a broad policy on technology adoption to improve on their operations and collaboration towards service delivery to a country’s citizens.

The government has used technology to address various challenges they face towards improving public services to strengthen its relationship with its citizens. The public agencies can also benefit from leveraging the power of cloud computing.

We provide services in the following public sector departments

  • Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Institutions
  • Enterprises
  • Security Agencies

Cloud computing

With the revolution of the cloud, there is need to modernize legacy systems to take advantage of current technological trends. Digital services can be provided to citizens to cut on operational costs on technology hardware.

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Our works spans from civil government, including health, financial services, law enforcement operations, national security energy and the environment all in providing cutting-edge solutions.