Kenya School of Monetary Studies

Kenya School of Monetary Studies (KSMS) was established as a School of the Central Bank of Kenya and registered in 1997 as a corporate entity, limited by guarantee; under the Companies Act (Chapter 486 of the Laws of Kenya); with the primary mandate to build capacity for the banking industry and support the Bank deliver on its core mandate of fostering a stable and well-functioning financial system.

The Project

The main contractors for the project were China Wu Yi Company Ltd and they sub contracted the project to Pong Agencies to provide communication services. We oversaw the structured cabling system and network set up. Some of the services were: Data cabling, Dedicated circuits and voice cabling. The project duration was about two years (2011 – 2013)

The Challange

The main challenge was to interconnect the different blocks within KSMS.

Other challenges included:

  1. Inability to scale the network initially
  2. Different service providers and accounting for respective equipment due to changing user requirements.

Our Solution

In our statement of work, we provided communication services for the structured cabling and Wi-Fi solutions. The project included a logical and physical design of the proposed network infrastructure and with our highly skilled team, the task was a great success.

We connected the Internet Service Provider using a fiber connection while providing redundant links and allowing integration to a scalable network in case of future considerations in expansion.