Texas Cancer Centre

We have also worked with the private sector industries. Texas Cancer Centre (TCC) aims to provide individuals with quality care by availing personalized services. They are mainly involved in cancer treatment.

The Project

Texas Cancer Centre Project involved:

  1. Structured Cabling – responsible for defining the building telecommunications cabling infrastructure.
  2. Audio/Voice Infrastructure – This was provided through audio piped music and Intercall voice conferencing.

The Challange

Being a healthcare institution some of the challenges included:

  1. Need for network redundancy – it was necessary to ensure that back up cabling network and power remain consistent to ensure connectivity is maintained.
  2. Unidentified intermittent faults – Faulty network equipment and cables that were frustrating.

Our Solution

Pong Agencies designed a modern structured cabling infrastructure. The structured cabling provided a LAN and WAN network. WiFi solutions was also used for mobile devices.

We implemented piped music system that was to be used for teleconferencing and making announcements that were critical for the hospital. There was also Nursecall that was used to provide patients a button to press and alert the hospital staff that their presence was needed.