Leleshwa Homes is a gated community with its own unique architectural character overlooking the spectacular view of Lake Naivasha, merging affordability with lifestyles, creating a range of accommodation including bungalows and maisonettes

The Project

Pong Agencies undertook two projects at Leleshwa;

  • Design and Build; Electrical works for all the homes
  • Supply and Installation of solar powered electric fence for the whole project

The Problem

  1. The homes needed a power backup solution that was automated whenever there was a power blackout.
  2. There was need to select an appropriate power back up option that would suit the home’s needs.
  3. Terrain electrical problems that complicated the design and build

Our Solution

Designing of the electrical design and data layout for the internal and external works (power reticulation). We also supplied and installed a solar powered electric fence for the whole project.

Installation of a smart online double conversion Uninterruptible Power Supply. The project was a success and it’s currently serving the needs for the Phase I homes addressing power blackouts.