IOT & the Smart Home

Technology that makes our lives efficient, provides comfort, convenience and energy efficiency
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IOT (Internet Of Things)

The Internet of Things is the concept of everyday objects; from industrial machines to wearable devices, using built-in sensors to gather data and take action on that data across a network. This is a technology that makes our lives efficient, provides comfort, convenience and energy efficiency. That is why at Pong tech we use our deep technical know-how to provide you with IoT services for all sectors across the economy and at affordable prices. The IoT solutions we offer cut across:

  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Telecommunications
  • Real Estate
  • Utilities

Whatever sector you are in and the needs, at Pong tech we give consultancy providing you with the best IoT solutions to your organization that fully satisfy your needs.

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IoT and the Smart Home

IoT and the Smart Home:

This means using IoT technology to remotely control tasks in your home that you would normally perform manually. For example, instead of walking up to your living room lamp, reaching out with my hand, and turning it on, You can turn the light on and off from anywhere you have access control, whether that is using a panel somewhere in my home or on my computer, or from half-way around the globe using your smartphone.

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Our smart homes products include:


Fire and smoke
detection systems

Whenever smoke or carbon monoxide gas is detected, it automatically triggers a signal,
sending you notifications and SMS to your phone.

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Smart Lock systems

Enables you at the comfort of whatever location you are in to give access remotely to your family members or friends through your phone by assigning custom passwords and pins.


Light control Systems

With smart lighting you can switch on or off lights from your smartphone,
schedule lights to dim and save energy and even more interesting change
color to the mood you want.


Door and window

Detects when a window or door in opened and sends a signal directly to your phone.


Water Leak

The system will immediately inform you about any detected leaks or attempts at tampering by sending a notification to your smartphone.



Remote cameras installed in your home and you can have real time view of the scene in your house from your device, anywhere and at any time.


We work closely with manufacturers of connected home solutions to achieve convenience inherently promised to consumers. We test user interfaces to ensure that it will be intuitive to customers.

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