AV System Integration

Full-suite Audio/Visual solutions to help your organization achieve productive and efficient communication

At Pong-tech we provide full-suite Audio/Visual solutions to help your organization achieve productive and efficient communication. Pong-tech has just the right tools to craft a custom solution ranging from connecting to remote offices or clients via video teleconference, improving presentation space communication to improving sound quality and acoustics.


We have  highly trained  installers to bring your project in on time  and on budget, with the highest degree or quality.

Do you want to promote your business and take it to another level?

Contact us today for our visual solutions. Whether through video teleconferencing, digital signage, or interactive conference and classrooms, the cutting edge custom visual solutions we offer can make your organization more modern and communication more effective.

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Mass Notification, Paging systems, Conference room, Auditorium sound reinforcement solutions

When you need audio system solutions like Mass Notification and Paging systems, or supply of conference room and auditorium sound reinforcement solutions, Pong tech has the solutions for you. Our Audio solutions can work as standalone systems or can be Integrated into a wider Audio/Visual system.

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We design our boardroom audio visual solutions based on the needs of each individual client.

Our designs take into consideration room acoustics, room size and layout, existing infrastructure, collaboration requirements, ambient lighting conditions and the intended use of the room to produce an exceptional meeting experience. Our solutions include:

  • Interactive touchscreens
  • Wireless and wired connectivity
  • Video and teleconferencing facilities
  • Projectors and screens
  • System control and lighting automation
  • Sound reinforcement and recording
  • Facility booking solutions
  • Conference systems
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Hi-tech evacuation systems

Evacuation systems are very essential during an emergency as they enable safe evacuation of people from an affected area. Stay ahead and implement our evacuation system solutions today. We install high-tech voice evacuation systems for our clients.

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IPTV provides an integrated platform for simultaneously delivering multiple TV channels over IP protocol to the desktop and television environment

A single head-end can deliver multiple TV channels and be combined with multiple receiver types to meet a customer’s exact channel line-up. For instance you can easily distribute live terrestrial and satellite television and radio, video, DVDs, digital Video on Demand (VoD), digital signage, information boards and web content throughout your facility. Through large format displays, standard and smart TVs or desktop computers this multimedia content can be viewed.

Distinctive benefits of IPTV solutions:


  • IPTV is extremely cost-effective From the low costs of enterprise IPTV hardware to the improvement in productivity IPTV brings, the overall cost of IPTV is extremely low. Instead of buying hardware specifically for the purpose of watching video, IPTV gives your staff the power to watch video from any internet-enabled device. This makes IPTV a cost effective communications channel that any business and enterprise can rely on.
  • IPTV utilizes your existing network – One of the biggest advantages of IPTV is that it uses your existing network instead of requiring a new one. That means it will not require new cabling or large amounts of hardware to be set up.
  • Flexibility and scalability – IPTV uses an IP distribution network, there’s no limit on the number of people that can watch your content at once. This makes it easy to enterprise IPTV to broadcast announcements and other business-related content to your entire workforce at once. From conferences to training exercises, IPTV is highly effective for businesses that thrive on communication.
  • Lower management cost – IPTV brings AV distribution under IT control for lower management costs and more efficient network planning.
  • Effective Internet bandwidth utilization – IPTV multicasting technology makes better use of LAN bandwidth, by streaming each channel once over the network regardless of the number of end viewers.
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We have specialized in helping businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to large enterprises, get started with IPTV technology. Our experienced team can help you with every aspect of IPTV, from design and engineering to systems integration, project management and more. Sought our services today.

With the goal of providing our customers with high-end IPTV and Digital Signage solutions, we have partnered with Exterity.

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