Workplace mobility with Citrix

written by Denis Njeru

When writing this blog, I decided to carry out some research on what business continuity service providers are out there in the wake of the corona virus. As of now you are familiar with the pandemic afflicting the globe. We have seen dramatic actions that have altered the way we do things in our lives. Business operations have been stifled as the government urges businesses to make their employees work from home. For organizations that have only flirted with the idea of workplace mobility, our current situation has thrown a spanner in the works of such companies. Worry not, as we shall be covering one of the solutions that can ease your transition into the remote workplace, we currently find ourselves in. Enter Citrix…

What is Citrix?

According to their website “Citrix is a digital workspace platform that gives employees everything they need to be productive in one unified experience while arming IT with the visibility, simplicity, and security needed to enable and control it all.”

I know, I had to read that paragraph more than once and I have a technical background. Simply put Citrix is an application that brings together other third-party applications be it Microsoft Office, Workday or Google Drive into one platform. The biggest bonus to the end user is a harmonized platform where you can access all your apps and make data entries and edits to them without ever leaving the Citrix platform. Whether you need to approve leave requests, grant limited data access to consultants or access data from the public cloud, all that is made possible within the Citrix dashboard.

Citrix Digital Workspace

Now that we know what Citrix is, we can now discuss one of the service offerings provided by them and that is the digital workspace. Imagine being able to carry your whole office in a briefcase, not just paperwork but applications and data that you need to execute your day to day functions. This is what the workspace provides, all time application access enhanced with security telemetry. This is what every IT admin dreams of, securing all their users in a simple and effective manner while enrichening their user experience.

I know what you are thinking, this is all good and dandy but how does this enable my organization to work remotely? Citrix is delivered through SaaS apps and internal web pages via Citrix Access Control. Your work environment is virtualized and hosted in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. All apps and documents are rendered virtually enabling employees to work on any device outside the office so long as said employees have the rights to do so

Mobile view of the Citrix workspace

Image module

Desktop view of the Citrix workspace

Citrix desktop view


1.      A better employee experience

The more engaged employees are in their work, the more likely they are to be productive, self-starting, and innovative. But endless stacks of apps, systems, and sign-ins across mobile devices like laptops and smartphones are burying employees in a mountain of distractions and wasted time. In fact, employees spend the equivalent of a full workday each week searching systems, entering passwords, and hunting down information. It’s no wonder that 85% of workers feel disengaged.

A digital workspace solution can help you transform the employee experience by enabling a simpler and more flexible workstyle that attracts and retains the kind of talent you need to move the business forward.

2.      Enhanced security and data breach protection

Both business and IT leaders alike want to allow employees to access what they need from anywhere work needs to get done, whether that’s on the road, at a client site, or at home. But with employees conducting as much as 60% of their work away from desks, the potential for compromised accounts is everywhere. That’s one reason why a digital workspace offers single sign-on (SSO) to every app and file, from any device. Fewer passwords means less risk to the business — and fewer calls to the IT help desk.

A digital workspace also improves security by giving IT a complete view into network traffic, users, files, and endpoints, making it easier than ever to stay ahead of both internal and external threats. Machine learning and artificial intelligence built into the digital workspace protect company data from hackers, malware, and end-user mistakes — long before they happen. And you can decide who gets access to what based on job role, location, device, or activity.

3.      Flexibility to choose any technology your organization needs

A digital workspace makes it easy for organizations to embrace new technologies and the cloud without worrying about security or a compromised user experience. A digital workspace offers one place for people to access any app, whether SaaS, web, mobile or virtual. And IT can manage it all in one unified console on the back end. Advanced security controls for SaaS and web apps mean IT can let people use the apps they know and love but in a controlled environment.

So, there you have it, increased visibility, security and a unified experience is what Citrix offers and that’s why it stood out for me when researching on business continuity solutions in the market. If you aren’t completely sold, check out this video to gain more insights into Citrix’s digital workspace armory.

Kindly reach out to us for more clarification if needed and be free to leave feedback. Stay safe and stay tuned to our next blog

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