We offer the best telecom services to our esteemed customers
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We offer the best telecom services to our esteemed customers.

It is by virtue of our good relationship with our customers and over 20 years of experience that we are able to provide a wide range of products and services that meet our customers’ needs, standard and requirements. We offer services ranging from;

  • Video/Teleconferencing conferencing systems
  • Audio piped music
  • IP PBX and Business telephony systems
  • Data switches
  • Unified communication.

We partner with telcos to supplement their business/ corporate clientele offering with our easy to deploy and use enterprise systems. From SMB PBX systems, to networking and structured cabling , we are able to provide infrastructure to the clients allowing for termination of various services such as GSM, sip trunk lines, Fibre/ WiMax internet connectivity.

Video/Teleconferencing systems

Teleconferencing allows an organization to hold meetings with several correspondents in remote locations while seeing and talking in real time. We partner with you to ensure success and maximize the return on your investment in video collaboration solutions with video conferencing services.

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Audio piped music

At Pong Agencies we want to bring your dream home to life from old school to the currently trending music right to anywhere you want to have a media room. We provide creative ways to pipe music into your home, workplace or organization. Our audio solutions can work as standalone systems or can be integrated into a wider Audio/Visual system. From mass notification and Paging systems, to supplying conference room and auditorium sound reinforcement solutions, Pong-tech has the solution your Audio needs

IP PBX and Business telephony systems

An IP Private Branch Exchange is a complete telephony system that provides telephone calls over IP data networks. All conversations are sent as data packets over the network. IP PBX is also able to connect and switch calls between a VoIP user and a traditional telephone user. Modern business culture is completely dependent on both communication and collaboration at all levels throughout the corporate structure, supply chain and customer base.

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Data switches

Switching is used to connect two nodes that are not in direct proximity to each other. We provide both circuit and packing switching services to ensure seamless communication across devices which are not physically close or connected.

Unified Communication

Unified Communication (UC) is a business and marketing concept that describes the integration of enterprise communication services such as Instant Messaging, Voice, Mobility features, data sharing, audio, web and video conferencing. At Pong Agencies we will ensure with employees scattered in global offices or telecomputing.

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Computing keeps on evolving and new inventions in communication has made connectivity more accessible, don’t be left out!