We provide Managed IT services, such as Data protection and IT Equipment procurement & Networking that works with the Saccos to address their IT needs and identify opportunities for optimal information technology performance.
Pong Cyber Security
Pong Cyber Security

Saccos are often held back by costly, legacy infrastructure that cannot keep up with today’s volume of data and compliance standards, resulting in business-critical downtime. The demand for such system maintenance or the complexity of a migration can be beyond that of a small, in-house IT team with only so much bandwidth and capability. 87% of IT decision-makers in Saccos look for expertise in an IT vendor like Pong.

Pong Cyber Security

Pong is a  managed service provider (MSP) with 20+ years of experience, technical background, and specifications and will have the ability to supply IT experts with the specific skills needed to address any of your IT concerns.

What Pong can do for you

Our teams combine deep experience, leading talent and unparalleled technology with a global delivery model that supports businesses wherever, whenever they are – giving financial services companies the confidence and freedom to drive their business forward. We help deliver your world, running on ours, better.

We are moving beyond outsourcing and cost saving into long-term value creation that helps companies maintain a competitive advantage and transform, by incorporating activities that are technology-driven, supported by right-shored teams, and can benefit from.

Our certified engineers have expertise throughout managed IT services, including server support, data backup and recovery, system maintenance, and more IT needs, so that financial institutions don’t waste their billable hours trying to get technology to work.

Pong MSP

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At Pong, we help hundreds of clients make intelligent choices about their technology. If you’re still undecided, Get in touch via our contact form or by calling  +254 727877484 for a guided assistance.