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The real estate sector is one of the largest and fastest growing in the region. However building design by engineers and architects still lags behind when it comes to IT. Several buildings are designed with lack of relevant ICT infrastructure. This therefore makes it expensive for the client/ end user who has to later make structural changes to their buildings to accommodate IT needs. These are such needs as Data and Voice Cabling (structured cabling), Wireless access points, Telephony, CCTV cameras, Access Control devices, etc.

As a leading ICT solution company, we have realized the need of security, comfort, convenience and energy  efficiency for home owners and that is why we’ve brought affordable smart homes services to you.

Our value is therefore we work with Electrical engineers, Quantity Surveyors and Architects to ensure that the IT infrastructure needs are planned for. We have competent systems designers able to provide as designed and built drawing plans for IT and electronic security associated works. This is thus able to save the client millions of Kenya Shillings as well as provide an ROI for the various stake holders as IT has become a basic necessity.

We work with real estate stakeholders to advise, design and build ICT systems that are future proof. Design and build structured cabling services, WiFi access points, Electrical designs, Power back up systems, Building management systems.

Building Management Systems

In the age of automation, Pong Agencies recognizes the need of having a building management system. A Building Management System integrates all the functionalities of individual physical equipment so that they operate as one complete integrated system. Building management systems can be used in computer rooms air conditioning, air handling units and heating water plants just to name a few applications.

Let us help you manage your assets today.

Smart Homes

When you are not at home, niggling thoughts like did I leave the stove on or did I leave my bedroom lights on start to crowd your mind. Technology in particular, Internet of Things, helps you address these fears through the use of your smartphone. Devices and appliances can be connected so that they connect with each other and you as the user as well. Smart home solutions come in the form of: –

  • Smart Lock Systems This service enables you to give remote access to your family members or friends through your smartphone by assigning custom passwords and pins without being physically present at the location.
  • Light Control Systems With smart lighting you can switch on or off lights from your smartphone, schedule lights to dim and save energy and even more interestingly change the color to the mood you want.
  • Fire and Smoke Detection Systems This system is set up to detect smoke or carbon monoxide fumes and automatically sends a signal that notifies the user via SMS to the user.
  • Door and Window Sensors When a burglar or any agent that tries to gain unauthorized access to your premises, a signal to sound the alarm is sent as well as an alert notification to your phone.
  • Water Leak Detector A water leak detector works by using an amplifier to quickly identify sounds associated with a leak. It has a noise filter that enables it to distinguish sounds from other sources such as passing vehicles or people talking. Water leak detectors can pinpoint the location of the leak and aid in fixing the problem associated with the leak.
  • CCTV cameras Pong provides CCTV installations to help real estate manage assets in their properties and provide another layer of security to deter theft.

Your home is your palace, so why not let us make it work for you as you sit back and relax. Talk to us today.

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Cloud Services

Software companies such as Microsoft and RIB are accelerating the digital transformation of the real estate industry by developing a cloud solution for Building Information Modeling (BIM). For example, platforms are being created that allow real estate owners to manage their properties in the simplest way possible. Digital workflows, intelligent rental contract databases and big data analytics that are available anytime and anywhere will not be a niche solution anymore.

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