Public Sector.

We provide services in the following public sector departments: banking, healthcare, financial institutions, enterprises and security agencies.
Pong Cyber Security
Pong Cyber Security

Presently, society is revolutionizing due to globalization and digitization and as a result, increasing the roles of IT in the public sector.

Government agencies have a lot on their plates, attending to the needs of their constituents while also making sure community infrastructure and services are working optimally. Recent events have made technology even more essential to government as workers have transitioned to working remotely.

Pong Cyber Security

Working with Pong agencies(MSP) takes routine IT maintenance and management tasks off the shoulders of government agencies, allowing them to focus on government matters. Managed services are an affordable way to ensure that data centre, network, telecommunications, and cloud resources are operating securely and reliably and that government technology stays current

The Challenges of Government Technology

Managing technology is not the government’s core concern, but government agencies need technology to serve their constituents. Technology makes government services accessible, but it can also expose constituent information to risk.

Managing risk is complicated by the fact that government agencies work with tight and fluctuating budgets. They rely on taxpayer funds to update their technology and are forced to spend their budget during the fiscal year or lose it.

Managed services help government agencies optimize their technology and protect sensitive information while staying within budget. Many MSPs charge affordable monthly fees and allow customers to pick and choose which services are needed.

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