Logistics and Distribution

We provide value add services through design and strategy to any transport and logistics company

ICT is becoming a critical attribute in any transport and logistics company to manage an integrated supply chain.

Logistics and Distribution encompass the activity of physical transportation of goods to clients. At Pong, we value automation as an essential business process, especially in logistics. Our team will help you get started with workflow automation from the core of the distribution process.

Our expertise enables us to add value from conceptual design through implementation, taking our knowledge of the logistics industry and adding best practices from other government and commercial clients to provide innovation and thought leadership. We have the expertise of working with private and public sector clients to develop and execute strategies tackling various challenges they face by effectively integrating innovative technology.

Some of the services we provide include:


Inventory tracking and management systems

Using the power of the Internet of Things, we will provide innovative solutions to your supply chain with embed sensors and trackers to monitor the distribution process from the warehouse, to the transportation (on air, water or land) up to the destination. This saves time and cost while also providing a sense of comfort to the shareholders and intermediaries. Computer based systems are also used and integrated to accurately monitor, optimize and replenish the inventory. This provides central control to remotely monitor and track goods on transit.

Cloud Services

Organizations that need collaborative logistics can benefit from our cloud services whether it’s data storage, analytics or data security that will take care of the technological aspect of the supply chain process so that they can focus on the business aspects. The power of the cloud is limitless since distribution centers can be linked and have a central monitoring location.

Cloud-based solutions are essential to getting the most value out of your logistics operations, let us worry about your IT, handle the rest

Our works spans from civil government, including health, financial services, law enforcement operations, national security energy and the environment all in providing cutting-edge solutions.