We are able to provide a wide-range of project services aimed at supporting ICTs in healthcare institutions.
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We work with our clients to evaluate existing ICT technologies, requirements and then present alternatives and long-term solutions and strategies.

Pong Agencies limited is able to provide a wide-range of project services aimed at supporting ICTs in healthcare institutions. We work with our clients to evaluate existing ICT technologies, requirements and then present alternatives and long-term solutions and strategies.

We work with all types of health institutions to build strong ICT infrastructure. I.e. computer network infrastructure, Website design, Information system design, Wi-Fi installation and support, telephony services, Hospital IoTs such as  Nurse call systems, Security services such as CCTV cameras and cyber security services. Most importantly we help healthcare companies across the public and private sectors prioritize cyber security and data protection to earn consumer trust and confidence, prevent damage to their reputations, and stay competitive.

Healthcare organizations utilize applications to exchange data where patient’s data are stored retrieved and shared with other healthcare providers. We have provided high-performance network infrastructure to hospitals and healthcare organizations to enable successful network connectivity. Cloud computing has beenadopted to provide on-demand easy access to healthcare application, data storage and improved security to lower operational costs on IT infrastructure

Nurse Call Systems

Pong Tech offers nurse call systems implementation within hospitals. Nurse call systems ensure rapid response rates as nurses are able to attend to patients in a timely manner. This contributes immensely to saving of lives.

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Power Backup

Pong Electric offers power backup solutions to hospitals. We install generators ranging from 10 KVA to 2000 KVA. The use of Uninterruptible Power Supply and generators ensure that equipment used to provide life support are always running. We recognize that even a second is crucial in terms of life and death in a hospital environment. Therefore, it is pivotal to ensure electrical power is always running in hospitals to prevent needless loss of life.

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Pong provides CCTV solutions to areas in hospitals that require close monitoring. Areas like the pharmacy, maternity and the nursery need close surveillance due to the sensitive nature of work that goes on there.

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Access Control Systems

Pong recognizes that not all areas in a hospital should be accessible to the public. Areas like the laboratory or pharmacy only require certain personnel to access them. Access Control Systems ensure restricted access as well as providing log details of the ins and outs within the premises. Access control systems deployed with other security systems can be effective in reducing cases like theft of medical equipment or unauthorized access to certain areas within your premises. Pong ensures this by utilizing systems provided by some of the world’s leading security manufacturers.  Our access control systems come in the form of: –

  1. Card Access Systems
  2. Elevator Control Systems
  3. Turnstiles
  4. Intercom Systems
  5. Electronic Locking Devices

Let us help you prevent unauthorized personnel from gaining entrance to your premises today.

Structured Cabling and LAN/WAN installations

Whether LAN or WAN, we optimize your enterprise infrastructure with high performance, cost effective, customizable solutions that are easy to install and use. Structured cabling systems are the backbone of the modern information network. Pong Tech’s expertise in the design and implementation of your structured cabling can have a significant impact on your construction costs and your ability to make painless organizational and technological changes in the future. As a preferred integrator for a number of different cabling manufacturers, Pong Tech offers you the versatility of options. Our systems are designed to meet your current need and also allow for easy integration of new technology solutions and capacity. As you grow and adapt, we make sure your network grows with you.

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Cloud Services

Cloud applications like Sharepoint allow for integrated and efficient patient care. In the past, doctors used to rely on patient charts being faxed or mailed to them before seeing the patient. Apps like Sharepoint allow doctors to view and make revisions on doctors within a short period of time all within a few click. This has made lines in waiting rooms move faster. Software used by doctors to help in diagnosis of patients can be hosted on the cloud to ensure high availability to doctors whenever they need to use it. These apps when used with data mining tools can help doctors in analyzing data in a deeper and easier way. Huge blocks of data can be analyzed in a faster and easier way. This is important in the healthcare industry because huge amounts of data are collected and fed into the system with only a small fraction of that data put to meaningful use.

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Pong leverages on technology to keep pace with market changes and support its customers with innovative solutions and services, from design to implementation, operation and maintenance.