Financial Institutions

We bring a rich history of delivering strategic and technological solutions to financial services companies, including banks, hedge funds, insurance companies, and exchanges.

We bring a rich history of delivering strategic and technological solutions to financial services companies, including banks, hedge funds, insurance companies, and exchanges

Pong Agencies services are focused to provide comprehensive Electrical and IT services to Banks, SACCOs, Credit unions and other financial institutions. These services include IT management, network support and applications support. Our solutions are driven by key technologies such as cyber security, cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence to meet both technology and business needs.

Keeping an ever-strong security posture for financial institutions is with no doubt paramount and a necessity, but the technologies that support ICT systems change as rapidly as the threats. Banks that do not take aggressive measures to protect their customer’s data without compromising again their user experience are more likely to lose customers for more secure institutions.

We bring a rich history of delivering strategic and technological solutions to financial services companies, including banks, hedge funds, insurance companies, and exchanges. Authentication, containment and analytics are our key drivers to combating the ever sophisticated cybercrime.

Part of our history has also included serving various financial agencies in the country to protect their critical financial infrastructure, and have helped them defend against a variety of adversaries.

We also provide electronic security solutions for your financial institutions, to prevent criminal activities like robbery and to give you a peace of mind. We have provided various financial institutions with CCTV installations, access control, intrusion detection, fire detection and alarm systems. Therefore you can trust us to help keep your money safe.

Structured Cabling and LAN/WAN installations

Whether LAN or WAN, we optimize your enterprise infrastructure with high performance, cost effective, customizable solutions that are easy to install and use. Structured cabling systems are the backbone of the modern information network. Pong Tech’s expertise in the design and implementation of your structured cabling can have a significant impact on your construction costs and your ability to make painless organizational and technological changes in the future. As a preferred integrator for a number of different cabling manufacturers, Pong Tech offers you the versatility of options. Our systems are designed to meet your current need and also allow for easy integration of new technology solutions and capacity. As you grow and adapt, we make sure your network grows with you.

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Access Control Systems

Pong recognizes that not all areas in a hospital should be accessible to the public. Areas like the laboratory or pharmacy only require certain personnel to access them. Access Control Systems ensure restricted access as well as provides log details of the ins and outs within the premises. Access control systems deployed with other security systems can be effective in reducing cases like theft of medical equipment or unauthorized access to certain areas within your premises. Pong ensures this by utilizing systems provided by some of the world’s leading security manufacturers. Our access control systems come in the form of: –

  1. Card Access Systems
  2. Elevator Control Systems
  3. Turnstiles
  4. Intercom Systems
  5. Electronic Locking Devices

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IP Telephony

The modern business culture is completely dependent on both communication and collaboration at all levels throughout the corporate structure, supply chain and customer base. Telecommunications being our pioneer business, we have unmatched experience of over 20 years in this sector.

  1. Unified communications
  2. Hybrid IP PBX
  3. SME VoIP solutions
  4. Enterprise


Pong provides CCTV solutions to areas like the bank vault, cashier counter and areas in general that require close monitoring. Consistent surveillance is key in protecting financial assets. Constantly reviewing CCTV recordings can help establish trends that can be noted when something out of the ordinary occurs. For example, irregular camera rotation could signal a security breach. This is especially so if your movements are being mirrored by your camera.

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Power Backup

Pong Electric offers power backup solutions to hospitals. We install generators ranging from 10 KVA to 2000 KVA. The use of Uninterruptible Power Supply and generators ensures that equipment used to provide life support is always running. We recognize that even a second is crucial in terms of life and death in a hospital environment. Therefore, it is pivotal to ensure electrical power is always running in hospitals to prevent needless loss of life

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Cloud Services

Financial institutions are now adopting the cloud, more so cloud offerings such as Software as a Service (SaaS). Business processes that are not core to the business such as Human Resource Systems have been deployed in the cloud. A cloud based approach in financial institutions has led to creation of new digital workflows, enabling effective collaboration between departments and other businesses. In the banking sector costs are reduced by adopting cloud technologies. This is due to the cloud’s pricing model of paying for what you use. This makes testing applications on the cloud less costly than when testing them on your premises existing IT infrastructure. Cloud technologies enable you to scale easily for whatever purpose be it adding computational resources or load balancing. Traditionally, achieving this fete would have required an organization to acquire new resources to handle the new load their systems required of them.

Pong leverages on technology to keep pace with market changes and support its customers with innovative solutions and services, from design to implementation, operation and maintenance.