We set up network infrastructure, supply ICT technologies and innovative Wi-Fi solutions to provide efficiency and improve learning.
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Throughout our history we’ve worked with educational institutions such as higher learning institutions in setting up network infrastructure, supply of ICT technologies, innovative Wi-Fi solutions, to provide efficiency and improve learning.

We leverage technology to deliver a better-quality educational experience in academic institutions to students and staff. We serve the needs for servers and storage through cloud computing solutions to enable effective content delivery, enhance communication and collaboration.

Any learning institution requires implementation of ICT technologies as a key requirement, especially in the current world. Therefore, purchasing ICT presents a crucially important investment which will demand careful consideration and expert guidance. That is an area Pong Agencies has a wealth of experience on, we can provide a full suite of ICT solutions to meet the needs of any Educational institution.

We fully manage the provision of ICT hardware, asset management, and wireless solutions, at the same time provide a complete managed service for all your ICT systems. And we don’t stop there as we know that any ICT system, software or hardware also come with the risk of failure and so we provide IT support from our qualified ICT technicians and engineers.

We believe “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, that is why Pong Agencies is a complete one-stop company for your Academic institution ICT requirements. We are not limited to providing IT hardware and support, but also offer a full installation service to schools or institutions of higher learning.

We can offer a wide range of services including:

Structured Cabling and LAN/WAN installations

Whether LAN or WAN, we optimize your enterprise infrastructure with high performance, cost effective, customizable solutions that are easy to install and use. Structured cabling systems are the backbone of the modern information network. Pong Tech’s expertise in the design and implementation of your structured cabling can have a significant impact on your construction costs and your ability to make painless organizational and technological changes in the future. As a preferred integrator for a number of different cabling manufacturers, Pong Tech offers you the versatility of options. Our systems are designed to meet your current need and also allow for easy integration of new technology solutions and capacity. As you grow and adapt, we make sure your network grows with you.

Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV)

We provide CCTV solutions to fit a variety of vertical markets to fit the institution’s needs. CCTV in academic institutions can be used for:

o   Personal safety of students, staff and non-staff

o   Behaviour monitoring

o   Protection of institution infrastructure assets and learning tools

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Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems detect presence of smoke and heat in the atmosphere, allowing students, staff and non-staff to get to safety when emergencies occur. Fire detection and fire alarm systems come handy in academic institutions to help detect fire at its earliest possible stage. Fire alarms are flexible appliances and can be installed in any specific area of the academic institution.

Cloud Services

The cloud is indeed the future and it’s no longer an option but just a question of when is your institution migrating to the cloud? We provide cloud services and solutions to suit educational organization’s needs. Academic Institutions can benefit from Microsoft Office 365 that is a cloud hosted application (Software as a Service). Some of the advantages of Office 365 include: Cloud storage, Access Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device and Always updated.

Change how your academic institution works with the cloud, it’s the new revolution, Ask us how

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