Pong Agencies provides products and services that caters to a wide range of industries
When it comes to hospitality, comfort if a key aspect. We leverage various technologies that help contribute to the overall guest experience. Innovative Wi-Fi solutions, Smart security, Smart access, Guest managements sytems, Intercom.
Real Estate
We work with real estate stakeholders to advise, design and build ICT systems that are future proof. Design and build structured cabling services, WiFi access points, Electrical designs, Power back up systems, Building management systems.
We leverage technology to deliver better-quality educational experience in academic institutions to students & staff. We serve the needs for servers & storage to enable effective content delivery, enhance communication and collaboration.
Pong Agencies limited is able to provide a wide-range of project services aimed at supporting ICTs in healthcare institutions. We work with our clients to evaluate existing ICT technologies, requirements and then present alternatives and long-term solutions and strategies.
Energy Sector
Energy is a critical element in the society contributing largely to the economy of a country. We are determined to work with players in the energy sector whether government or private to implement critical infrastructure protection, and protection of their information.
Financial Institutions
Pong Agencies services are focused to provide comprehensive Electrical and IT services to Banks, SACCOs, Credit unions and other financial institutions. These services include IT management, network support and applications support.
Public Sector
We help national, county and local public institutions better serve their constituents by leveraging electrical and IT to improve existing services and deliver new ones. Governments have a duty to deliver new services and improve existing ones while operating efficiently and with greater transparency.
We partner with telcos to supplement their business/ corporate clientele offering with our easy to deploy & use enterprise systems. From SMB PBX systems, to networking & structured cabling , we are able to provide infrastructure to the clients allowing for termination of various services such as GSM, sip trunk lines, Fibre/ WiMax internet connectivity.
Logistics and Distribution
Logistics and Distribution encompasses the activity of physical transportation of goods to clients. At Pong we value automation as an essential business process especially in logistics. Our team will help you get started with workflow automation from the core of the distribution process.
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